10 delicious Air Fryer Blueberry Desserts

As someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen, the idea of using my air fryer for desserts initially intrigued me. Air fryer blueberry desserts would successfully combine convenience and exquisite flavours. From cakes to scones, each dish takes advantage of the air fryer’s quick cooking capabilities to make really tempting treats.

Air Fryer Blueberry Desserts

Air Fryer Blueberry desserts. When it comes to whipping up delicious desserts that combine the sweetness of blueberries with the convenience of modern cooking, the air fryer helps make this happen.

Air fryers have revolutionized how we cook, and their versatility extends to the realm of desserts. The natural sweetness of blueberries gives a hint of healthiness and a blast of flavour that cannot be matched in these dishes.

If you’re a fan of blueberries and have an air fryer on hand, get ready to try these mouth watering blueberry air fryer recipes.


Blueberries, with their juicy burst of flavour and incredible health benefits, are fantastic ingredients to incorporate into your desserts.

Not only are they rich in antioxidants, but they also bring a natural sweetness that beautifully complements a variety of dessert recipes.

Air fryer blueberry recipes range from cakes to muffins, pies to scones. The possibilities are endless.

1. Air Fryer Blueberry Cobbler

Have you tried a dessert that’s both simple to make and super tasty? Give Blueberry Cobbler in the Air Fryer a shot! Consider luscious blueberries snuggled up under a crunchy, delicious blanket.

The air fryer crisps up the top while softening the fruit. In every bite, you will have the sweetness of blueberries and the crunch of the topping.

It’s also simple to prepare: simply place the blueberries in the air fryer and wait for your kitchen to fill with the wonderful aroma of blueberries.

You can enjoy it warm or cold, with or without ice cream. This dish is a cross of old-fashioned comfort food and cutting-edge cookery!

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2. Air Fryer Blueberry Cake

Imagine a cake that is both tasty and simple to create – that is Air Fryer Blueberry Cake for you! It’s like a warm, fluffy embrace with blueberries within.

The air fryer ensures that the outside becomes somewhat crispy while the inside remains delicious and moist. Simply combine the ingredients, place the batter in the air fryer, and watch the magic unfold. Air fryer blueberry desserts are special ones.

You can eat a slice on its own or with a dollop of whipped cream. This cake is a work of baking magic that is ideal for when you want something sweet and cosy.

Sink your fork into a fluffy, delicious blueberry cake with a little crunchy exterior, courtesy of the air fryer’s magic. The quick air circulation of the air fryer provides even frying and a delightful golden crust.

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3. Air Fryer Blueberry-Stuffed French Toast

Prepare yourself for an unexpected breakfast treat: Air Fryer Blueberry-Stuffed French Toast!

Consider soft, delicious bread stuffed with blueberries. The air fryer crisps up the outside of the bread while keeping the centre warm and melty.

Simply placing the packed bread in the air fryer transforms it into a breakfast fantasy come true. The aroma of blueberries will permeate your kitchen. You can eat it plain or with a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s like having dessert for breakfast, yet it’s incredibly simple to prepare!

The outside becomes pleasantly crispy with the touch of the air fryer, while the inside becomes warm, and gooey.

With just a few minutes in the air fryer, you’ll have a breakfast worth getting out of bed for. It’s a simple way to make an ordinary morning extraordinary.

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4. Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

Muffins have long been a popular breakfast dish. You can have flawlessly baked blueberry muffins in a tenth of the time it takes to preheat a standard oven with an air fryer.

The trick is the air fryer’s ability to heat up quickly, resulting in a juicy interior and a little crunchy top.

These muffins aren’t only for breakfast; they’re also a tasty snack at any time of day.

Blueberry Muffins in the Air Fryer are a delicious take on a classic. The rapid cooking magic of the air fryer gives these muffins a golden-brown top that’s slightly crispy and completely delectable.

You can make a batch of these muffins in no time with minimal trouble and mess. The uniform heat distribution of the air fryer guarantees that each muffin is done to perfection, making them a go-to treat for busy mornings or unexpected cravings.

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5. Air Fryer Blueberry Pie

Anyone’s mouth waters just thinking of a warm blueberry pie with a buttery, flaky crust. With the help of an air fryer, you can achieve classic pie perfection without having to prepare your entire oven.

The controlled climate of the air fryer ensures that your blueberry filling bubbles and your crust turn golden brown.

For the ultimate comfort dessert, top with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Air Fryer Blueberry Pie is a tasty variation on a classic. Consider luscious blueberries nestled in a crunchy, golden crust. The air fryer ensures that everything cooks perfectly, with a brown top and a bubbly, tasty filling.

What’s the best part? It’s faster than using the oven! So, if you want pie but don’t want to wait a long time, the air fryer is your best buddy. For added yumminess, top with a scoop of ice cream. Making a delicious blueberry pie has never been easier or faster!

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6. Crispy Air Fryer Blueberry Scones

When cooked in an air fryer, scones, those delectable British sweets, take on a new dimension. The end result? Scones with a crisp exterior and a soft interior.

The addition of blueberries adds a burst of sweetness and a hint of bitterness to these scones, taking them to a whole new level.

Crispy Air Fryer Blueberry Scones demonstrate how great modern cooking can be. These scones are unique in that they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s an art form to make them: you blend buttery bliss with sour blueberries and let the air fryer do its thing.

The end result? Scones that are crunchy on the outside yet melt in your mouth on the inside.

Because of the speed of the air fryer, you don’t have to wait long, and you get bakery-quality scones without the long oven time.

These scones aren’t only for breakfast; they’re a delight that combines old-fashioned flavour with contemporary cooking techniques.

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7. Air Fryer Blueberry Lemon Donuts

Blueberry Lemon Donuts from the Air Fryer are a delicious explosion of flavours that stimulate the senses in the most wonderful way. Consider sinking your teeth into a soft, pillowy donut flavoured with lemon zest and dotted with juicy blueberries.

The cooking magic of the air fryer transforms these donuts into a crispy surface that leads to an incredibly soft and tasty centre.

Baking donuts in the air fryer ensures that they are golden brown without the use of unnecessary oil.

The end product is a guilt-free treat that tantalises the taste receptors with a symphony of textures and flavours. You can eat these for breakfast or as a delightful afternoon snack.

Air Fryer Blueberry Lemon Donuts have zesty lemon undertones and sweetness from blueberries.

The end result is a delicious delicacy that combines the best of both worlds: a doughnut with a delectably crisp exterior and an incredibly soft and airy interior.

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8. Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies

Consider making an “Air Fryer Blueberry Delight” for a dessert that is as simple as it is wonderful. This easy dish combines a blueberry filling with a crumbly topping and is cooked to perfection in an air fryer.

Air Fryer Blueberry Hand Pies are a delicious combination of convenience and indulgence that redefines the experience of handheld desserts. Consider holding a palm-sized pie with a golden-brown crust that encases a filling of sweet, juicy blueberries.

The magic of the air fryer transforms these hand pies into a delectable surprise, generating a flaky surface that delicately shatters beneath your bite, revealing the burst of fruity goodness within.

The air fryer guarantees that these pies are evenly cooked, with a delightful crunch that adds to the whole experience.

Each hand pie transforms into a delectable experience of textures and flavours, making them an ideal snack or a charming addition to your dessert buffet.

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9. Air Fryer Blueberry Bread

The treasured comfort of homemade bread is elevated to a new level of taste with Air Fryer Blueberry Bread. Imagine slicing into a soft, moist bread with bursts of luscious blueberries throughout.

The air fryer’s cooking abilities provide this bread with a brilliantly golden crust that is deliciously crunchy and welcoming.

When you make this bread in an air fryer, you get bakery-quality results without the long baking durations of a regular oven. The effective heat distribution of the air fryer bakes the bread evenly, resulting in a soft crumb and a satisfyingly crunchy surface.

The aroma of freshly made blueberry bread fills the air with each slice, providing a sensory journey that culminates in the ultimate moment of ecstasy.

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10. Air Fryer Blueberry Coconut Rice Pudding

The air fryer’s convenience, mixed with the unrivalled flavour of fresh blueberries, completely transformed my dessert-making game. The speed with which these sweets come up is ideal for fulfilling impulsive sweet cravings or stunning guests with little effort.

Consider a creamy rice pudding with a tropical aroma of coconut and juicy blueberries that burst with each bite.

The air fryer’s cooking abilities produce a silky custard with a little toasted coconut coating that adds a wonderful crunch. With each spoonful, this blend of flavours and textures creates a symphony of tastes that transports you to a far-off paradise.

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