Top 12 Side Dishes For Aloo Paratha

You’ve just made a batch of piping hot aloo parathas, delicious stuffed Indian bread filled with a spiced potato mixture.

As you sit down to eat, you realize there’s something missing. Sure, the parathas are delicious on their own, but you can’t help but wonder what to eat with aloo paratha. How they would taste with some yummy side dishes.

We have curated a list of 10 perfect side dishes for aloo paratha that are famous and each one brings its own unique flavor profile.

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Top 10 Side Dishes for Aloo Paratha

1- Cucumber Raita

side dishes for aloo paratha

Cucumber raita is a classic and refreshing side dish that pairs beautifully with aloo paratha. Cool, refreshing, and creamy, cucumber raita is the perfect side dish for aloo paratha.

It is made with yogurt, grated cucumber, and spices. This cool and creamy condiment enhances the flavors of the warm and flavorful parathas.

The crispness of the cucumber adds a delightful crunch, while the tanginess of the yogurt provides a pleasant contrast to the spiciness of the parathas.

You can dip your alo parathas into the raita or generously spoon it over them.

Recipe link here Cucumber Raita

2- Mint Chutney For Paratha

A zesty and vibrant mint chutney is a classic side dish to eat with aloo parathas. Its bright green color and refreshing flavor make it a perfect match for the rich and savory parathas.

Packed with fresh mint leaves, cilantro, green chilies, and a hint of tanginess, this chutney is very delicious with parathas.

Recipe link here Mint Chutney

3- Tomato Onion Salad

Light and tangy, a simple tomato-onion salad provides a refreshing contrast to the hearty aloo parathas. Tossed with sliced tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, this salad adds a burst of brightness to your plate.

Recipe link here Tomato Onion Salad

4- Pickles

These spicy and sour pickles aloo paratha side dish is traditionally paired with paratha. Whether you choose mango, lime, or mixed veggie pickles, your supper will be given a delicious boost by their tangy tastes and crunchy texture.

This traditional pairing creates a harmonious balance of flavors, making every bite a delightful and satisfying experience. So, be sure to have a jar of your favorite spicy and sour pickles on hand when enjoying aloo parathas for a truly authentic and mouthwatering meal.

5- Yogurt

Simple and classic, a dollop of plain yogurt adds a creamy and soothing element to the spiced aloo parathas.

Its mild flavor helps balance out the richness of the parathas, creating a harmonious combination.

6- Tamarind Chutney

Tamarind chutney is a sweet and tangy side dish that pairs wonderfully with aloo paratha. Made from the pulp of tamarind, jaggery (or sugar), and a blend of spices, this chutney adds a burst of flavor to the already delicious parathas.

The tangy and slightly sour notes of the tamarind are beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the jaggery, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.

You can dip paratha in the chutney or even drizzle over the warm aloo parathas.

Recipe link here Tamarind Chutney

7- Onion-Tomato Raita

Onion-tomato raita is a refreshing and creamy side dish with aloo paratha. Made with yogurt, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices, this raita adds a cool and tangy element to the warm and flavorful parathas.

You’ll taste a rush of tangy flavors with each scoop of onion-tomato raita and a mouthful of aloo paratha.

Recipe link here Onion-Tomato Raita

8- Paneer Bhurji

Aloo parathas and paneer bhurji make for a heavenly combination. The crumbled paneer cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices adds a rich and creamy texture to the parathas, creating a satisfying and flavorful meal.

Paneer, also known as Indian cottage cheese, is crumbled and cooked with a medley of spices, onions, tomatoes, and herbs to create a savory and creamy mixture.

When served alongside the warm and flaky aloo paratha, the paneer bhurji adds a burst of rich and aromatic flavors.

9. Achaari Aloo

Achari aloo is a perfect gravy side dish for aloo paratha. It is made with boiled potatoes and a blend of aromatic pickling spices, achaari aloo brings a tangy and spicy kick to your meal.

The potatoes are sautéed with mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, nigella seeds, and other flavorful spices, creating a tantalizing combination of flavors.

The tanginess from the pickling spices adds a unique twist to the dish, enhancing the taste of the aloo paratha. The soft and creamy texture of the potatoes pairs well with the crispy paratha.

Recipe link here Achaari Aloo

10. Labneh

Labneh, a creamy and tangy Middle Eastern yogurt cheese, is a delightful side dish for aloo paratha. With its smooth texture and slightly sour taste, labneh provides a refreshing contrast to the rich and savory flavors of the paratha.

The coolness of the labneh helps balance the spiciness of the paratha, creating a harmonious combination of flavors. You can simply spread a generous dollop of labneh on your warm aloo paratha or use it as a dip for each bite. The creamy and velvety texture of the labneh adds a luxurious element to the meal, making it even more satisfying.

These side dishes for aloo paratha elevate the humble paratha to a whole new level, adding layers of flavor, texture, and freshness to each bite.

Experiment with these delightful side dishes to find your perfect combination and take your aloo paratha experience to the next level.

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